Turks & Caicos Successfully Downgraded to Risk Level 1 by CDC

On June 7th, the risk level for the Turks & Caicos Islands by the Centers for Disease Control was updated to LEVEL 1, indicating low COVID-19 numbers in the country.

Turks & Caicos has successfully decreased its number of cases throughout the country with numbers not exceeding 20 and dropping to as low as 3 cases country-wide over the last month. Strengthening the country’s low risk position is its strong vaccination roll-out which has seen 52% of adults fully vaccinated with both doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, and more than 60% of the population having received their first doses.

Turks & Caicos is quickly approaching its goal of 70% vaccination by July 2021, and will receive its fourth batch of the vaccine on June 20th.

Follow the link here to view the CDC’s Turks & Caicos Advisory Page.

Turks & Caicos Entry Requirements

You must be ‘TCI Assured’ for entry into Turks & Caicos, which requires the following:

  • negative COVID-19 PCR test result from an accredited laboratory no older than 5 days prior to entry into the islands
  • Medical/Travel insurance that covers COVID-19 medical costs, full hospitalization, doctors’ visits, prescriptions and medevac
  • Complete health screening questionnaire and travel authorization form found on the TCI Assured portal

Returning residents are waived from PCR testing if they are fully vaccinated, and received the vaccine in Turks & Caicos. For more on the TCI Assured portal click here.

Travelers may easily access testing and insurance to fulfill the requirements via the TCI SAFE website.

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