Safety tips for a more enjoyable stay.

When out exploring

Be safe! We drive on the left side of the road and our speed limit is 40-mph/65 kph on highways, 20-mph/35 kph in settlements and 10-mph/17 kph in school zones.

Use a seat belt in a vehicle and wear a helmet if you ride a bicycle or scooter. It is the law!

If you leave your vehicle, bicycle or scooter, please secure it properly in a visible location and do not leave valuables in it.

If you consume alcohol and rent a vehicle, please use a designated driver or a taxi.

Don’t display large amounts of cash or expensive jewellery nor take unnecessary valuables to the beach or pool nor leave keys or valuables unattended. Most hotels provide safes.

Be aware of your surroundings and alert for situations or people that seem out of place. After sunset, use well-lighted roads and be observant before entering poorly illuminated areas.

Walking on the beach or on a road after sunset or on lonely stretches may invite a problem.

Swim and snorkel only in designated areas.

Our average is 350 days of sunshine per year. It can be intense so please use sunscreen regularly and don’t become dehydrated.

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