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Safety tips for a more enjoyable stay.

When out exploring

Be safe! We drive on the left side of the road and our speed limit is 40-mph/65 kph on highways, 20-mph/35 kph in settlements and 10-mph/17 kph in school zones.

Use a seat belt in a vehicle and wear a helmet if you ride a bicycle or scooter. It is the law!

If you leave your vehicle, bicycle or scooter, please secure it properly in a visible location and do not leave valuables in it.

If you consume alcohol and rent a vehicle, please use a designated driver or a taxi.

Don’t display large amounts of cash or expensive jewellery nor take unnecessary valuables to the beach or pool nor leave keys or valuables unattended. Most hotels provide safes.

Be aware of your surroundings and alert for situations or people that seem out of place. After sunset, use well-lighted roads and be observant before entering poorly illuminated areas.

Walking on the beach or on a road after sunset or on lonely stretches may invite a problem.

Swim and snorkel only in designated areas.

Our average is 350 days of sunshine per year. It can be intense so please use sunscreen regularly and don’t become dehydrated.

Where you are staying!

Accidents can happen. Please advise the Reception who to contact if you have an emergency and any other information that might help others to help you.

Please close the door securely and use all the locking devices provided.

Familiarize yourself with the safety and security information and the emergency exit plan that is usually found near the door.

Check before opening your door to callers. If uncertain contact Reception and ask if anyone is supposed to have access to your room and why? Don’t invite strangers to your room.

Before you exit please make sure that your windows and doors are locked and secure.

Conserve our “Beautiful By Nature” environment!

With 230 miles of coral reef, the third longest barrier reef in the world, and 35 protected areas, including sanctuaries and national arks, our environment in truly precious. Please look, don’t touch and take only photos.

Fragile coral reefs protect our beaches and islands from storm surge waves; provide sand for our world famous beaches and a wonderful marine experience for all. Uneducated swimmers, snorkelers or divers can damage or kill coral by touching, breaking or kicking sand onto coral. Boat operators can inadvertently damage the reef by accidentally ramming it or by dropping anchors in unsuitable areas.

If you want to go fishing you will need a fishing license. This can be obtained from your water operator or from the Department of Environment & Maritime Affairs. Our National Parks only include 4% of our reefs but preserve fisheries in 100%. It is against the law to fish or remove marine life of any kind in our national parks and protected areas. Please call 941-5122 for information.

There are seasons for conch, October 15 – July 15, and lobster, August 1 – March 31. Please contact the Department of Environment & Maritime Affairs at 941-5122 to be properly informed.

Water is precious and electricity is generated by fossil fuels. Help to conserve energy by minimizing your consumption of water and electricity.


The Turks & Caicos Islands have a low crime rate. If you see suspicious activity, report to management where you are staying or dial 911 for the Police.

To remain anonymous contact Crime Stoppers in Miami on 1-800-8477, or send an encrypted tip in English, French or Spanish by clicking on WEB TIP on http://www.crimestoppers.tc, or use the tip tab on Crime Stoppers Turks & Caicos’ Facebook page. You may be eligible for a reward if the tip leads to an arrest and charge.

We want you to have fun and welcome you back again soon!

Please follow these safety tips for a more enjoyable stay!

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